My New TT Bike Is Finally Here!!!!

I would like to apologize for the inconsistency with my current updates. I have been incredibly busy with getting everything ready for Europe and getting my finals for school finished up.

I have spent the past two days getting my TT bike dialed in, it is such a pretty bike. I have only been able to get one ride in with it so far, but I really like it. I haven’t ridden to many tt bikes but I can say that this thing is a missile!

It is just incredibly responsive and stiff, but the best part is that I can fight the cross wind fairly well. I had loads of trouble staying in the aero bars on my old tt bike, but with the crazy winds that we had in Missouri today, I really got to put it to the test.20140506_113725

All in all, I was pretty pleased with the bike and can’t wait to put some time in on it.

As for the Head 3’s. I plan on using the front Head 3 with a Disc on the rear, but for training purposes, this set up is a little more practical.

I will give a better review on it when I have a bit more time. As of now I am less than two weeks away from being in Brussels, I definitely cannot wait.

Connor Brown

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