Weekend Wrap Up

So this weekend was pretty chill. With no racing after a long streak it was nice to just hang out for a bit. I did have some long rides to do, but nothing crazy, the nicest part was that I could sleep in. I have had to wake up at six o’clock for two weeks straight and it’s been brutal.

I usually have a nice break on the weekends, so I can catch up and get refreshed but with all the early racing I haven’t been able to do that.

Besides riding and sleeping, I got to hang out with my pops, while my mom was in St. Louis. It was pretty cool, we went out to get some BBQ on Friday, which was awesome, nothing like good ribs for dinner. After that we saw Noah, which was pretty weird, I wasn’t impressed by the story, sadly I walked away feeling a bit creeped out about it. It was just kinda stupid and just plain ridiculous! I figured it would be kinda stupid, but this was just laughable.

Anyways, the next day I went and visited one of my friends graduation parties for a bit, which was pretty good to catch up.

After that I went out with my friend Darcy to Bass Pro Shop and had some fun messing around with the manikins and playing the shooting games.IMG_3976

Other than that I kinda just relaxed, my life has been in the fast lane for so long it was nice to take a breather for a bit.IMG_0848

I will say that today is Mothers Day and I have to brag on my Mom for a second. She is the best on the planet (I know you are probably saying to yourself that yours is the bomb, but my mom is way better). My Mom is by far the best mother on the planet, she is selfless, awesome, funds my dreams, and supports everything I due.

I have to say that there could never be a better mom; Love you Em!

Connor Brown

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