First Live Interview!

So today was pretty chill. I had an interview after school with KMBC 9 news and an awesome training day on my TT bike as I put together my last days of prep before heading abroad. I must say that KMBC have really taken care of me when it comes to helping me get my story out and I really appreciate that.20140515_140856

The whole thing was pretty cool. Even though it was my first news interview, they were very good at making me feel very comfortable and at ease. What I mean is I have done things that have been in newspapers and magazines, but this was definitely a first when it comes to answering questions on the fly and being filmed doing it. It was very interesting that’s for sure.

Anyways, I am coming up on my last day of school, which will be a huge weight off my shoulders. Plus I am so close to heading over to Europe, so needless to say I’m pretty pumped.

As a side note; I will definitely be keeping everyone updated while I’m across the pond, so you can expect lots of pics and more consistent posting now that school is over.

As for my first race, I will be racing Axel which is a stage race held in Belgium and its definitely going to be a great starter to my trip over there. I will be paying the cobbles a visit and in fact it will be the same cobbles that you see in Flanders! How cool is that?

It will definitely be a crazy event, but a great experience.

Speaking of racing; I heard that Taylor Phinney won today at the Amgen, which is a stellar result not to mention its great to see an American kick some butt in a huge race like this. Its kind of cool knowing that Taylor Phinney came up through the same programs that I am going through. He was a former National team rider, and now he is living it large. Perhaps if I can play it right, I might actually get to race against him at some point.

Anyway, its been a pretty cool and exciting day all around, but nothing is going to beat the last day of school!

Connor Brown

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