My Stay In Switzerland



So this will be part number 2 of my stay in Europe. I will be covering my stay in Switzerland and the Pays de Vaud race.

Switzerland is probably the most beautiful place that I have ever seen. Snow top mountains encircling a huge crystal clear lake, with vineyards as far as the eyes could see, it certainly makes for an amazing view.


View from window

For starters we were staying in Aigle, which is right at the base of the mountains and right next to Lake Geneva. We were staying in a hostile (like a hotel) that was right around the corner from the UCI center, which meant we were blessed to be treated to the cuisine of the UCI center, which was pretty cool.

Anyways, we would be racing in the mountains at Pays de Vaud, which has been the coolest race that I have done so far in my young career.

We had a pretty great race here, we had won the king of the mountains jersey, the white jersey, the yellow jersey, the best team overall, and three out of five stage wins. Not too shabby, right?20140605_114226

We obviously had a very successful run of it. However, that was only accomplished at the hands of hard work and an entire team effort. Everyone was working as a unit and we were able to man handle that race due to this.

On a side note, I absolutely loved racing in Switzerland; it was awesome having an actual mountain top finish in a race for once. Plus the descents through the towns were insane!

We were going so fast through technical descents that as where going into a cool town right next to the lake, we hardly even got to see any of it.

After the race we went and had a team training camp for a solid week. It was awesome to have long hard days in the mountains and be able to get some good training in. Plus we did a bit of sightseeing and had plenty of selfies takin.20140603_110116

All in all, I loved Switzerland and hated leaving the place, but our stay in Sittard would also be very enjoyable.

Connor Brown

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