A National Disaster

So this past week I have been racing in Madison, Wisconsin; where the United States National Championships were being held.

I was participating in the Junior 17-18 road race and time trial, to decide who would be the new national champion.IMG_238919366570136

I really wanted to walk away with a good result here, and I knew that these races are fairly chaotic and would be a tough challenge, which is why it is such a great place to walk away a winner.

The first event for me would be the road race. This features a hard course that is suited for climber time trialist types.

I knew this would be a pretty good course for me, but the odds were a bit stacked against, due to me not having any teammates.

Unfortunately I had caught a nice head cold, literally a day before going to Nationals, and had the pleasure of dealing with that during the race.

Luckily I wasn’t to affected by it, however I didn’t have much luck with making the winning move. Last lap in the race a break of three got up the road and each of those three had guys in our main group which meant that we didn’t have much help with chasing.

So because I really wanted to win, I decided that I would make a move to try and catch the break, simply because no one else was willing to go. This would not play out in my favor in the end, mainly because after wasting the energy to go out alone they finally caught me on the climb.

I was so tired and wasted that I rolled into the finish at 19th, which to me is horrible. I realize now that I probably should have sat in and gotten myself a top ten at the worst, but honestly I wanted that win so badly that I was willing to gamble a top twenty for a first place finish.

It sucks but that’s racing and the best part about racing is that there is always another race.


Not much to say here other than the fact that I was very ready both mentally and physically for this time trial. The course really favored me because of the rolling hills. But talk about crappy luck, I got all the way to the start of my time trial went through the jig/roll out and my cable to my shifter broke right when they handed me my bike to take the start.

My bike ended up stuck in the hardest gear for the entire time trial. It literally broke right after I had gone through role out and tried to shift it down into an easier gear for the start. it left me with zero options. I had no time to fix it and almost decided to not race it because I figured I would get a horrible time.

Then with less than 20 seconds left I just went for it, I guess I kinda just said screw it.

I ended up finishing 15th to my surprise, it was just a shame because I lost a lot of time on the hills due to the gear issues. Well, that about sums up my disastrous National shot. Now I will start looking to perhaps get a little redemption and perhaps win a U-23 National Championship in the next few years.

Connor Brown

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