Back On Home Turf

IMG_93611421684486So this past weekend I got to race the first ever Truman Cup! For starters I was really impressed for how well the race was ran and how much money there was for a new race. Plus it’s great to see more events start to spring up here in the Midwest, especially this time of the year.

Anyways, the race was really short, only an hour, which meant that it would be a fast hard one. Unfortunately for me this would be my first race in hot humid weather, which caused me to have an unenjoyable time during the race.

The good news is that the first race in the heat is always the hardest. I still was able to make the winning break away and we even ended up lapping the field and believe it or not we almost did it twice.IMG_92701398453389

My plan from the get go with the course set up was to get in a break and see if we couldn’t lap the field and then with one lap to go I was planning on attacking. The plan was working out perfectly but I was on Shadd Smith’s wheel and I knew that he was best sprinter out of us, so I needed to adapt and improvise to see if I could foil his plans. So with that I figured it would be best if I would just sit on his wheel and then try to come around him on the finishing slight uphill finish.

Sure enough Shadd opens the sprint out from two corners out and as I jumped to get on the gravy train I ended up having a problem with my DI2 shifting. Occasionally I have this issue where when I shift under pressure it skips and with that Shadd got the gap he needed to close the deal. Luckily I was able to recover for a third place finish and made some good money.IMG_92953670827332

All in all, it is nice to be back racing on home turf! Now its all about this weekend, I hear its a smooth solid course, so it should be a great race.

Connor Brown

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