Boom Time In Nevada

So this weekend I got to race the Tour of Nevada, which was a very interesting place for a race.

Seriously it was out in the middle of nowhere, in an old small town. The meth heads observing gave it an interesting touch, but overall the race was ran incredibly well, had a ton of cash for Primes and was basically a ton of fun to do. Who would have thought?

As for the courses they were a bit too flat for my liking, which always sucks for me because I tend to appreciate things with a bit more incline, just cause I have a good weight advantage, compared to everyone else here.20140712_210615

As mentioned they did make up for the lack of hard courses with a good amount of money on the line. However, the pro team Athlete Octane had two guys (Devin Clark and Colton Barrett) there that decided that they were going to clean house, which I must say was highly impressive to watch, while at the same time it sucked to be on the receiving end of their boom stick.

The first night was a twilight crit and to be honest I was awful at it! I was having a hard time seeing, which made me have a really hard time finding a proper line through the corners and really just getting comfortable during the race. I ended up missing the break and came in for a pack finished which totally sucked.

One very cool thing that happened was I got to enjoy a nice call up from my man Aero (The Midwest’s #1 Race Announcer) which was very cool, but other than that it was a blown opportunity for me.

The next day was a bit more conducive to my strengths, it had a false flat finish that was putting people into the hurt locker. I figured that I could use this to my advantage and hopefully I could hook up with Athlete Octane in a break.

I tried and tried and tried and tried, but couldn’t get anything to work, then right as I fold in 15 guys back Athlete Octane hits it and sure enough I missed it. I tried to get to it a couple of times but they had a guy marking every move and he was just sitting on wheels making it almost impossible to get there without any help from someone else in the field.20140713_162248

There guy (Devin Clark) ended up soloing away and I ended up coming in for 9th place. I did try one last ditch effort to get away at the end but everyone followed me and I ended up blowing the last corner and had to sprint for my ninth place finish.

All in all I made my money back so its always good to get some good hard racing for free.

Connor Brown

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