The Start of My Racing on The East Coast Leg

So this weekend I raced the Great Egyptian Omnium, which took place in Illinois. For starters this race was extremely over priced, with 40 dollar entry fees it was a bit ridiculous for a local race that had no money in it. Just saying.

The race overall started with a road race, which was 90 miles when it was all said and done. This was definitely the hardest day of the whole Omnium, plus it was scorching hot. I ended up running out of water by start of the fourth lap. Connor at the GEO

As far as tactics go, I was waiting to get into a break that had the key guys in it and then go from there. Unfortunately this process took quite a long time and didn’t form until the second lap.

I ended up attacking with about ten miles left and went all the way up till about 1.5 kilometers left, were two guys bridged to me. I was so tired from my effort that I didn’t have much left in the legs, but I still managed to sprint to second place.

The Crit was a classic flat course with a few corners; not to bad though. At the beginning of the race a break went off with three guys with one player and then the leader of the races teammate. They ended up letting this group go which was totally stupid because they let him (the other out of the Omium money racer) walk away with the win. This meant for me that I was going to have to get across, but at the same time I didn’t want to give anyone a free ride.

Long story short, I kept attacking and attacking, until with three laps to go I attacked after a prime lap and no one saw it coming. I caught another rider who was out in no mans land and carried another rider with him.

They both didn’t want to pull because “they had teammates,” the classic answer of the wheel sucker.

Anyways, I dragged them almost to the main breakaway, but by then it was to late because the break had won.

I ended up finishing sixth on that day. Excellent tactics were played by Qdoba and very poor tactics by Hammer down racing. Oh well, that’s racing, right? Anyway, I got some good racing in anyway and to be honest, I always have a great time racing.

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