Accidents Happen

This past weekend I went up to Iowa to race their State Crit. I really needed some good racing in my legs before my own State championships, not to mention I heard that this was a fun course and sure enough it held up to its reputation.

The were about 50 guys that showed up and the course was awesome, super safe and had a nice hill in front of a beautiful capitol building. Definitely one of the coolest capital buildings that I have seen in the States.IMG_226253711220472

As far as racing goes I tried to get away for the first five laps and when nothing was sticking I figured that they were all in chase mode so I decided to sit up and take it easy in the pack.

I figured that the guys were just going to get tired running everything down and then I would hit the gas in the last lap.

Unfortunately this didn’t go my way; making my way up the hill and getting ready to launch it for the last lap flyer a crash happened right in front of me.

Now this was a pretty stupid crash, and was caused by some idiot who couldn’t hold his line and he ended up cutting the dude behind him off in the turn which resulted in him losing his front wheel out from under him.

It was just real unprofessional bike handling (Cat 5 move), but luckily for me it was on a hill and I was able to slow down enough to avoid the carnage.IMG_226185638283459

However this meant that I would receive the pleasure of chasing the peloton down in order to try and get back in the fight. Unfortunately, by the time I was able to ride up near the front again the sprint for the finish had already begun and I had to work my way around people who were dead in the water.

I ended up finishing up 13th, but man it could have gone so much better, but that’s bike racing sometimes, but the good news is there is always another race.

Connor Brown

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