I’m Up To Long Rides and A Cool Tool Review

So this week has been basically a heavy training work load; I had long rides and hard intervals all week. Plus school started for me this week, which has been absolutely boring. Not to mention that my schedule is a bit messed up right now, however, this isn’t my schools fault my much needed change came abruptly, but I have basically been sitting in five- hour and a half classes that I am not supposed to be in the last two days.connor brown cycles logo 2 jpeg

Talk about a waste of time! However, it is all good because the weekend has begun and I am back to my usual. Unfortunately I do not have any races this weekend, which means that I will just be doing my own thing and putting in some long hard miles.

I do plan on talking about my MO State races tomorrow; so do stay tuned for that.

Speaking of my blog I am going to try and start a new thing for my blog to help jump start it. Im going to try and occasionally add some new videos. Just some stuff like me reviewing some products over the coming months or perhaps getting a fresh interview from a race.

For starters here is my review on my latest tool the “Fix It Stick”s:

If you are interested you can check them out here at http://www.fixitsticks.com

Connor Brown

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