Disaster Strikes In Sedalia!

So this weekend I raced the Sedalia downtown crit; first time I have ever raced it. I was really excited to earn some money and get a good result that day. Unfortunately I wasn’t fortunate.

I started out the race with an attack on lap one and got some good distance and made everyone work to bring me back. I was going for the hundred dollar cash prime but got pimped at the line for it.

After that I got the next twenty dollar prime, at this point I was feeling really good and was trying to figure out my best way of winning the day.

I was having a really great sprint on this course, due to it being a false flat long finish. This allowed me to be in my highest gear and have a good fighting chance.

Cool Place For A Race

Cool Place For A Race

Then it happened… After sitting perfect all race, biding my time and feeling like I could blow the thing apart anytime I wanted I started to feel my left pedal hitting something. I thought it was weird because I was going perfectly straight. Then I looked down and I see it… My entire DI2 battery and clip was hanging on by the wire. I immediately knew that I was in trouble because I can’t ride let alone race with out my battery.

So I slowed down to make my way to the pit and when I got there they told me I could go back in, but I was a lap down. They said because the course didn’t cause it it was my fault. Like I was purposely derailing my race.

It is safe to say that I was pissed, in fact I am getting pissed writing about this right now. Anyways, I finally decided that I was going to go back in to help my friend win the race.

Right away when I got in I freaking hammered it, because I didn’t care and I was pissed. I immediately got a gap and drug two guys up to the two man breakaway. I then proceeded to drive the breakaway so we could sustain our gap.

Long story short, we end up getting away and I took another prime, then I gave Shadd lead out for the sprint which he won.

Thats it, a good day gone bad. Seems like I have had a string of them the last 5 weeks, but thats about to change!

Connor Brown

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