Still Speedin

So my final race of the 2014 season has ended, which concludes my third season of bike racing. We have seen a lot this season, from my stay on the West Coast to European racing with the U.S National Team. All of it has made for one amazing season, lets hope that it can only get better from here.20140831_173259

I will say that after three seasons, it is almost sad to see another one put in the books. Due to this being my last year as a junior racer I feel as though a whole new section of my book has been started. As I am not one to dwell on the past, I just can’t help but to ponder on my racing career so far and think of how my life has changed since my first pedal stroke.

It just all happened so fast. I remember as if it were yesterday sitting in my bed at my first junior talent I.D. camp and wondering what would come of this in the next year or even week.

It is just crazy how fast time flies by and how quickly we can get caught in the moment.

Anyways, with this chapter ending there is always a new one waiting to be written. So to the future!

As far as the racing went it was insanely fast. I mean crazy fast. We are talking two races averaging almost 32 MPH. Seeing that this was my first real NCC race with all the big dawgs showing up it most certainly made for an interesting event. Obviously having the junior gears on (my average cadence was over 115 with max rpm’s over 160) when we were absolutely speedin it was not very helpful. But I guess I don’t have to deal with that anymore, which is nice.20140829_212158

All in all the racing was blazing fast and fun. A bit chaotic at times, but I didn’t seem to have a problem finishing any of the races with the upper half of the field. So I take that away as a plus.

Connor Brown

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