Wes Welker NFL Doper Gets A 4 Game Suspension; Good Thing He’s Not A Cyclist

So today I found out that Wes Welker had been given a four game suspension for the use of a PED/ amphetamine.

Looking at this from a cycling perspective, I can not help but to laugh. First off the NFL has some of the most lenient doping control on the planet and when they do catch some one its only a four game ban?welker

This is just ridiculous, I mean a four game suspension? Thats it? I know of a track rider, you may recall seeing this on Velonews in 2012, getting busted for having traces of THC found in a sample collected by USADA.

Here is a link if you would like to read an article USAC posted on the matter: http://www.usacycling.org/lopez-3-month-suspension-from-usada-jrs-track-results-revised.htm

They didn’t give this kid a four race ban, they took away his National champion title on the track and banned him for three months. That was just for THC! Think about what would have happened if he were caught with a performance enhancer.

The best part is that Wes took to twitter and was trying to say how he was totally innocent and that the NFL messed up. Just absolutely ridiculous stuff, sound a bit familiar too? Kinda Like a guy named Lance?

I also find it ridiculous that this isn’t all over ESPN and the talk of the town, because it seems like the only time ESPN wants to report on cycling its to bring up a new doping ban. But this gets the hush hush.

I am sure we all remember when Contador got his Tour and Giro taken from him because of clenbuterol being found in his sample, and he had a pretty good story as to where it could have come from. Till this day we still don’t even know if he did it or not, but he still lost his grand tours.

When will other sports, such as football (baseball, soccer & basketball), start to take on the actual challenge of being a clean sport?

I would love to see, right after a game ends, waiting at the entrance of the locker room, random doping control. No warning, just a straight up legit test, Im talking cycling style.

I bet we would see a big difference in the mindset of how people view their sport.

I challenge the NFL to actually make an attempt to becoming clean, and not just the NFL, but I challenge sports media to call for stricter dope control. Because the testing if there is any is mediocre at best.

Its my opinion that the only sport that is actually trying to clean itself up is Cycling and yet, the media treats it like its the red headed step child of all sports since we cant seem to get our act together. Seriously?

Connor Brown

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