I’ve Got Some New Tech!

I recently decided that I had enough with tearing up my cleats and I decided to go out and get some cleat covers for my shoes. I run with the Shimano clips, and I have always thoroughly enjoyed them, but there is nothing worse then having to replace a chewed up clip. Plus it can get expensive fast.

Yet, I seem to find myself in predicaments where I am forced to walk around in my shoes for a bit.

Whether that is because the car isn’t near the finish of a stage finish or when I am on a group ride and we go inside a gas station. Regardless of the circumstances I believe everyone finds themselves in a situation where they like me walk around in there shoes tearing up their cleats.

Kool Kovers

Kool Kovers On

So I finally got a hold of a pair of cleat covers, made by Kool Kovers, and I have to say that I am loving them. There is not a more relaxing and enjoyable feeling knowing that I can walk around and not feel like my soul is being chewed up by the sound of my cleats getting shredded by the pavement.

So if you are a frequent cyclist who rides all the time or even just a weekend warrior who does the group rides. I would get a pair of covers, plus it is really just a one time buy that will save you headaches in the long run.

Kool Kovers off

Kool Kovers off

Anyways, I also recently got a new stem for my bike and I went from a 120 to a 140, which is a pretty significant jump. Yet for some reason my body has really responded well to the new position. I feel a lot more powerful were my new hip angle is and I lost some pain that I was having in my lower back. I think this had to do with the geometry of the Trek being different from my Giant and my Argon 18. It also makes climbing out of the saddle a lot easier for me, due to me being further out I have more room for my legs to pedal more freely. Needless to say I love the new stem and it is carbon fiber too, which really I never thought about having a carbon stem, but I guess when it gets as big as 140 you are going to want to get a light version.

New Bontrager Stem 140

New Bontrager Stem 140

Shimano was kind enough to send the team some of their new sleek and tiny sport cameras that you probably have seen used by Giant Shimano in some of their videos with John Degenkolbe. So I should be able to start putting up footage of some of my races that I do.

I think that this would really be a cool start to introducing some new ways to spice up the blog. What better than just telling you about the race then being able to show you it as well?

If you read my last post you would know that I raced at Froze Toes this past weekend and apparently there was a bit of complaining in regards to teams blocking and someone taking hands off the bars to push people.

Shimano Camera

Shimano Sport Camera

I want to address blocking first, especially since I know it is hard in local races to draw the line between teams blocking. For starters, it is always good for a team to control the front of the race and or at least practice this at races like these. Why? Well how will you learn how to work as a team if you do not practice, right?

It is always going to suck when there is one or two big teams in a race and everyone else is dispersed among groups of three and below. This is why I believe that racing locally can suck a lot of the times. I know from past experience of racing by myself, that it is no fun to race with teams who are super negative racers. This is why I think that the best way is to follow attacks. Don’t just pull things back just because you can but use them as great chances to get another guy up the road or get up the road yourself. Yet at the same time I know its out of your control if a team decides that they are going to block. That is just racing sometimes and yeah it sucks.

As to taking your hands off the bars and “touching” someone, this is a bit childish for one thing so quit complaining…its just bike racing. I have taken people and pushed them with my hands to move their hips out of the way. In my opinion its much safer than taking the bars and slamming elbows into each other and even better you can control the force a lot better too. So when someone complains about being “touched” they sound like a kid. This is cycling and if you can’t handle the heat in the kitchen then maybe it is time to get out.

Connor Brown

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