My Life Behind The Bars

These past two weeks I have been doing a ton of racing between all of the Tuesday Night Worlds Crits, Frozen Waffles plus Lindsey Wilson in Kentucky its obviously been a solid block of training for me.

So since there has been kind of a break in my blogging I figured I would catch everyone up on the past races.

Starting with my personal quest for the Frozen Waffle Maker down in Springfield, Missouri. Yes, the prize for first place was a waffle maker, and what better prize for a carbo-ravijour college student then a waffle maker, right? As you can see the stakes were high for me. I noticed that there was a team at this race with a considerably large amount of guys at the race. They will remain nameless for this, but just know they had a lot of guys.

Frozen Waffle

Frozen Waffle With Chris

I on the other hand had no teammates to work with so I had to start implementing guerrilla warfare tactics to try and get stuff done. Right away a move of ten plus people got up the road and since I noticed that the “big team” did not react well to it and were not represented in the move I stayed put. I knew well enough that move didn’t stand much of a chance and I was right, they ended up pulling it back so my hunch played out.

I have found that in a lot of situations where there is a big team you really only have to watch like three guys tops. So when I hear guys complaining about how unfair it is that there is a big team present, in my opinion it just makes it that much more fun to try and blow them up.

Anyways, the break comes back and a try a few times to test the waters but everything stays close. The “big team” decides to get their lead out train going for the finish and wouldn’t you know, I got stuck in a bad place and lost some key positioning. I was so poorly placed that I ended up screwing myself out of the win that day. I finally found a whole that opened up in the final 400 meters which had me

Frozen Waffles Podium

Frozen Waffles Podium

sprinting from 15 guys back to try and take the sprint. Unfortunately, that little mishap cost me the win and I ended up just getting nipped at the line. Im pretty sure had I had about 25 more meters that race would have been mine, but it was a good showing for SBR Quantum anyhow (oops).

Here is the video on the race I am in the orange and black, bike is orange too.

After that I did the Tuesday Night Worlds crit with the Lindenwood squad, and I must say it’s just a blast to ride with everyone there. Julie Carter (our coach/director) splits us all up and we just try and beat the hell out of each other. It makes for good smack talk during the week too.

It is such a good time so if you are in the area, you should come out and enjoy the pain with us, because the LU team has been hammering it and every strong rider in the area is there too. We are talking some serious firepower!

My first Collegiate race of the season was the past weekend and the LU hit squad was looking to take names. Overall, we had riders in every group lighting it up, but for starters the men’s A team got second in the TTT and in the crit we took second and fifth making it a brodium and in the road race we got third. Not bad for our first outing as we get to know one another and gel as a team.

Me And Max Slaying

Me And Max Slaying

During the races we could really tell that Marian was really timid on letting us up the road so much so that they were bringing moves back that had their own guys in it. Plus they had 16 guys in the field, which is why I can’t figure out why they were racing like a bunch of prima donnas that have their thumbs up their bums? I’m in the camp that when you got that much firepower, why not smash the race?

In the end, we all had fun though, which made for an interesting race. I will probably pick some stuff out to talk specifically on later this week. For now I will leave you with the wise words of Super Pro Josh Carter.

“Watch Listen & Learn”

Shout out to the #KobraHitSquad you know who you are.

Podium With Brophy

Podium With Brophy

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. Keep up the blog. Please include some Omens for your readers! I enjoyed reading your post 😉

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