I Had A Run In With An Angry Driver Today, But I Slayed The Dragon

So once I got out of school today I came home and every now and again I like to take twenty minutes to relax and clear my head of all the school stuff before I hit the road. Its just a nice transition I enjoy.Connor Brown

Then I get on the bike and my legs felt a bit strange today. It was as if one minute they felt really good and twitchy, the next they felt really slow and heavy.

I was doing recovery work today and I wanted to maximise it so I kept it in the little gear to spin most of the time but I think what it might be is that I usually have my intervals on Wednesday and so my legs really felt like throttling it.

The reason for the extra recovery day this week is that I have two days in a row of interval work to prepare me for the tests that I will do at the National Team camp.

Speaking of the camp, I am officially one week away from being at the Olympic Training Center in Chula, Vista. I am so excited and anxious to go, its going to be so much fun.

Anyways back to my ride, as I was finishing up my ride I headed up Main Street in Grandview while on my way back home and while I was riding I had someone behind me who would not pass me and was honking profusely.

This was a bit unusual because I usually only get honked at once and then they buzz me, but this one was just honking like crazy. So I turned down the next street and this lady stops real quick and yells at me to get out of the street. Then she drove into a parking lot with one exit and entrance.

angry woman driving

I don’t know why but I just felt like I should go talk to her.

So as I approached her car trying to back up I kinda waved at her and she rolled down the window to speak with me. Before I could say anything she barked at me “what do you want?”

I simply replied I believe there might be a misunderstanding.

She then took a deep breath of her cigarette and then puffed it out.

I then asked her if she had ever seen signs while she was driving that say something like share the road that have big bicycles on them because those are to indicate to drivers that we have a right to the road.

She looked at me with a glare and said honey I have been driving for fifty years I think I know more about the rules of the road than you.

I told her “thats fine but have you ever considered that the laws update and change over time?” She then looked at me and said if the rules have changed then why were the other two bikers on the side walk.

Side note: there were two guys on beater bikes without helmets on the side walk.

I looked at her and said “mam that’s actually illegal in the state of Missouri for riders to be on the sidewalk so they are breaking the law and not just that but they are not wearing a helmet and that ought to show you how stupid they must be anyway.

I then also stated that the reason I can’t get on the sidewalk is that I have a much larger chance of hitting a pedestrian on my bike and injuring them, then you do of injuring me.

She looked at me and said “well I never thought of it like that.”

I then told her that I understand why people get angry which is why I am not mad or upset with you I just felt like I should let you know. She then looked at me and said “kid you just taught a fifty year old woman something new today.” After that I said good day and left.

That my friends s how you get it done, hahaha.

Connor Brown