Rain, Rain Went Away So I Got To Ride Another Day

Wow all day it poured down rain, and every class I stared out the window wanting it to stop.

I finally get home and hop on the trainer and thirty minutes later I see a glare on my laptop screen. So getting a little annoyed, I turn to look to see what was creating the glare.20130917_165501

Sure enough the the sun was shining through the window, so I hop off the trainer to check the roads. They looked dry!

I quickly threw on my gear and bounded up the stairs with a whole lot of joy in my step. I couldn’t believe it I was going to get to ride outside, after all of the rain.

It was awesome there was no wind and it was just perfect, I guess the old Japanese proverb is a bit right; “after the rain the earth hardens.”

After I got back from the ride I ate some awesome chicken for dinner. It was perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection.

Now I am over the halfway point for school this week, it feels nice to know that I only have two more days, then a three day break.

The nice part about block scheduling is that I only have four classes a day. So eight more to go and I am free for the weekend.

Connor Brown