Is There A Cost For Doping In Sports? Well…Its Higher Than You Think

So as I said yesterday I was going to let everyone know some of the side effects to using PEDS (performance enhancing drugs) that I learned at the National team camp.

Ok, to start this I just want to say that Cycling isn’t the dirtiest sport, contrary to popular belief.

According to the statistics that they showed us the dirtiest sports list looks like this:stimulants

  1. Soccer is the dirtiest sport,
  2. followed by Athletics ( bodybuilding, crossfit, etc.), then
  3. Aquatics, next is
  4. Ice Hockey,
  5. finally arriving at Cycling; (being the fifth on the list & barely beating out…)
  6. Basketball.

So its not like this is happening only in Cycling and I think one of the reasons cyclings high on the list is because of all of the immense testing we do in this sport, its almost to the point of ridiculous, but they do it to create an even playing field, so that it is fair for everyone.

Now my intention is to cover all of the side effects for each individual PEDs, so Ill keep it to the main topic rather than getting into all the benefits, because there really aren’t any if you know the facts.

Let’s start with Steroids.steroids

Steroids may give you a short term effect but in the long run it’s definitely going to do you wrong. For starters Steroids only increases your muscle strength not your tendons or your joints, and there has been many cases were tendons have been ripped off the bone due to the stress from the muscles.

Main Danger of Steroids: The main thing that it causes is liver disease, which can kill if not treated properly.

Next, on the list is Humane Growth Hormones (HGH). HGH causes heart diseases that will eventually kill you.

Then there is Corticosteroids which increase the body’s rate of infection and harms your immune system. Depending on the infection it has the potential to kill you as well.

Stimulants cause the body to get cardiac arrhythmias, and blood transfers cause organ failure which causes death and if you get a bad bag of blood you have a potential to catch AIDS as well.


All of these very bad but the most common one is EPO which causes heart attacks and death. Recent studies have shown an increase in the amount of retired riders having heart attacks at younger than normal ages. Many believe this increase to be the doing of EPO usage.


Now thats just a little bit on that, but another interesting thing we were told was that in Italy they have on the market a doping kit, that comes with PEDS and injectors and instructions on how to inject and then dispose of the kit.

Not only is that on the market but they now have very early stage Gene doping, basically if you have seen the latest Bourne Legacy movie where he takes the pills that alter his DNA to make him stronger, smarter and faster, its the same concept.gene doping

You can now alter almost everything about yourself when it comes to your performance. Is that crazy or what?

Well, I hope that helps someone out there who might be thinking about doing some of those to improve your performance. In the end, you’re going to either get caught or even worse end up dead.

Connor Brown