Last Week Of School!!!

So I am finishing up my last week of school and it is safe to say that I am super pumped to head over to Europe. It is going to be so much fun and just another adventure that I get to add to the book.

Connor Brown

Connor Brown

My school has been awesome with the support and flexibility, so I cannot thank them enough.

Anyways, I hope you guys are keeping yourselves updated with the pro peloton. This is always one of my favorite times of the year, because its the start of the Grand Tours.

So far it has been an absolute crash fest of a nightmare at the Giro, which is known for its drama and this looks to be one of the craziest ones yet. I mean, Dan Martin and half of the Garmin team were blown out on the stage one team time trial, which is crazy. It just goes to show that cycling, even when it looks safe, requires your 100% concentration or you will pay the price.

It is definitely a sad sight to see Dan go out like that, he has had a bit of a rough go at it this season. Hopefully he can bounce back soon.IMG_113539149403354

Not only has Garmin had troubles, but so have Giant Shimano, having to pull out Marcel Kittel, who was on a one way path for the sprinters jersey and a few more stage wins, due to a cold.

It is safe to say that all of those that made the trip to the Amgen are very pleased with themselves at this moment.

However, it looks like this race might have already been won, by Bradley Wiggins. Who absolutely destroyed the time trial, winning by over 40 seconds on the next man down.

It has definitely been interesting to see what has been happening not just with the racing, but lots of new tech gear has been presented at these races.

Specialized have a new Tarmac, Bell has a new helmet, but the big shocker was Sram electronic. With Shimano running the gambit on the electronic shifting, Sram definitely needed to put their version on the market if they wanted any chance of competing. Well, a little friendly competition is good for the soul and good for our pocket books too. I’m thinking we should see some prices come down a tad since there are now two players competing for the business.

Connor Brown

This Has Been Pretty Cool

So these past few days have been pretty crazy with all of the news chaps putting together interviews and stories about me. I cannot believe how cool this is. I figured that it would be kinda like an article in a newspaper or something small but it keeps getting bigger and bigger publicity.

Ride wise, I have been doing a bit of different training, trying to work on short power bursts, to increase my overall short power and tomorrow I will be doing some longer interval work. It seems as though everything is kinda picking up a bit, preparation for Europe I guess.

Anyways, I have been following the NFL draft, just because I like to watch football in my spare time every now and again. However, I am appalled that no one has selected Johnny Manziel!!

I mean when I saw that my favorite team (The Steelers) had an opportunity to pick him up, I was pissed to see them grab an outside linebacker.083113-CFB-AGGIES-JOHNNY-MANZIEL-DC-PI2_20130831161114867_640_480

See I am kinda one of those guys who picks up a player that I like in college ball and follows him throughout his career even if I don’t like his team. I did the same thing with RG3, but this is ridiculous.

Johnny football is going to light the NFL on fire. He is too explosive and is just a huge playmaker. I have been wrong before, but I thought RG3 was good and I obviously think Johnny football is great.

Just wait which ever team he goes to will have a great QB.

Now back to the world of cycling. We have some big races starting back up, with Tour of California and the Giro. These will be some great races to watch, especially the Giro, with a packed fieldd of GC contenders all looking to avoid the wrath of Chris Froomes Tour de France beat down.amgen-2014-300x204_001

Great things to watch for the future.

Connor Brown

Rest Day But Not For Fast Freddie Rodriguez

Pretty laid back day today. Had a rest day and its always nice when the weather rains on the rest day as opposed to a riding day.

I tried to watch the USA Pro race but couldn’t pull it up so I had to deal with just hearing about what was going on. Fast Freddie ended up taking it for those who missed it.

Fast Freddie Rodriguez

It’s always good to see a US continental team whoop up on UCI every now and again. Nice score for Jelly Belly, don’t you think?

After that I got caught up on the Giro. I definitely thought it was very cool for Nibali to take a major grand tour.2013 Giro Winner- Nibali

I also thought it was funny that the big shooters Ryder Hesjedal and Bradley Wiggins couldn’t even finish the race, which pretty much sucks since I like Ryder.

I would also like to give Cadel Kudos (just wanted to say that) for finishing a phenomenal race for the old man that he is. I like seeing him out there not giving his all and still getting darn good results.

I think Cadel and Chris Horner are super studs for sure.

Tomorrow I have another Tuesday Night crit and I am super excited about it. I’ll get another shot at tricking the trickster (Shadd) as Bill Marshall would put it.

If you can I definitely recommend doing this race. You know group rides are fun but at the end of the day its just another ride. So come out and race!