I Would Have Had An Easy Day If I Didn’t Get Pelted By Rocks During My Ride

So I had a pretty darn easy day today. I not only rode for ninety minutes and only had a zone two for the entiresushi ride, oh I almost forgot…I knocked the bottom out of the Sushi buffet at lunch today as well.

Score- Connor Brown 1 | Grandview Buffet 0

I have to say that the wind today was kicking, so much so that it was shooting rocks at me and now I have a shotgun like spread of pellet marks on my knees and besides that the wind kept trying swipe my bars out from me several times other than that I’d say it was a pretty enjoyable ride.

After my ride I came home and ate a delicious euro style sandwich.

It is now official…school is finally, finally, finally over! If you ask me it went on for way too long!

I know tomorrow I will have some intervals and I think I have an idea of the Strava segments that I’m goingfifa 13 after as well. One in particular is one that was stolen from me on Raytown road: Hook to Scherer. Tim Fleenor snagged it from me a couple of days ago and now its time to take it back.

After that I’m pretty much going to enjoy my first day of summer with my new friend “FIFA 13”.