Early Holiday Festivities

One day down and one to go until I am officially off to St.Louis for the holidays!

On a totally different note: I am really enjoying my new Macbook these days. They make school so much easier and fun, because now I can play on my laptop for five hours of the day, that is after the two hours of real work are over. Technology is clearly a must in all schools!Connor Brown

Once I got out of school this afternoon I hit the weight room to focus on my core and I have to say that I am pretty satisfied with what I have been getting out of it.

My core is definitely shredded and my upper body is feeling very fit, which is nice because when I am climbing now I can stay out of my saddle longer because my arms don’t get as tired as fast as they did before. So thats a definite plus!

After that was done and I got cleaned up I headed over to my cousins to celebrate her sixteenth birthday and see family that I dont otherwise get to see unless its its the holidays…tis the season.

The get together was pretty cool. It started off with a freak hot dog accident that lead to a grease fire in the grill that burned most of the dogs. It was kind of comical since about the time we walked in everyone rushes outside to save the food. Luckily there was an extra package, but talk about charbroiled.

The dogs ended up being a pretty interesting  “dog-bar”it was like a Mexican mix of some sort, and I have to admit it tasted very good, I guess that’s what matters in the end.

After the cake had been served and a couple of Happy Birthday songs for Madison we sat down and talked for a bit. Then Mendy told us about her big event competing in the Iron man last month in Panama City, Florida, which was just so cool to hear.

She came out of the water in her age group in seventh place out of like 120 plus racers in here category, not to mention that these were all top notch athletes, pretty darn amazing if you ask me. She finished the bike ride which was right at six hours and after the run she ended up finishing in the top fifty percent of all of the competitors there (men and woman). Thats just absolutely crazy awesome, shes officially an Ironman and officially my new hero.

One things for sure, my family is full of champions!