Here At last

So I have finally arrived in Europe and the first day and a half here have been pretty crazy. I have already been to Belgium, Holland, and Germany, all in the same day.



I am currently staying at the National team base in Sittard, Holland which is basically right in between Belgium and Germany. This is so cool, because we have easy access to basically all of the races in Belgium, Germany, and Holland, plus the Cauberg is easily accessible to train on here, which is freaking legit!

Today I got to pre-ride some of the parts of Axel and boy is this one going to be tough. I did two of the six cobbled sections on the first day, which were brutal.

I think what made them worse is that I forgot to set my air pressure to like 80 psi. and had it at a 20140521_191614(0)hundred psi, which made it worse. However, the Cobbles are not to be messed with!

It literally feels as though someone is taking a jackhammer to your knuckles with each and every cobble hit. Not to mention that you can’t shift whatsoever, which basically means you better pick a nice gear and hang on for the ride because its going to be tough.

The crazy thing is that there is no easy way to ride the cobbles, and the cobbles at Axel do not have any dirt sidings, just tall thick grass. This means that you have to ride right up the middle like a true warrior, making it even harder on your body, because now your taking the full brunt of it.


First Ride

After talking to some of the guys and my directors, with an added experience after riding the cobbles for a bit. The best way to ride the cobbles for me, since I am a junior with junior gears, is a hard gear, light hands on the tops, and steering with my hips.

I still cannot believe how hard it feels to try and ride over the cobbles. The coolest feeling ever though, is that after riding them I feel like I can ride over anything.

The good news is we have a great team thats ready to tackle this race.

Anyways, the food here has been pretty good, and the riding superb. I’ll keep everyone posted as best as I can but note that I am very busy.

Connor Brown

All Right, We Scored A Scooter for Motor Pacing

I had a day off today and what better way to utilize your day off than to study for your finals. Man I just wish school would end already. But I did have some good news come my way today and that was that we just bought a motor pacing scooter!Scooter

This is basically brand new scooter and we ended up getting a great deal on it as well. The story of how my Dad found it is pretty cool. It had literally just popped up on Craigslist today and it had a great price for a bike with only fifty miles on it.

So my Dad calls up the guy and has a chat with him. My Dad tells him that he is getting the bike for our junior elite development team, then he asks the guy about the bike and he says; ‘hes got it up at a bike shop if my Dad wanted to take a look’ and my Dad asked which bike shop? The guy says; “Bike America in Overland Park.” The guy is an employee there and was selling the bike because he had just bought an awesome AR 15 and needed some extra cash. How bout that for a coincidence? Seriously, that was pretty darn sweet if you ask me.

So now I can tell my coach Barney to start incorporating some motor pacing into my training, which is going to rock and make me a way better rider, man I can’t wait!

As for tomorrow I will be at Tuesday Night Worlds and we’re going to have some good racing. There’s nothing better than a mid week crit race, that’s for certain.