Ran Into Some MotorDopers Today

KC Weather

Goofy Gary

I had a late start to my ride today due to the explicit amount of rain we had all day up until like 2pm.

Then I decided to wait for the roads to dry up to start, but once I got going it seemed as if I would be ok for my ride.

For me I had an interval day and unfortunately I had some pretty stiff legs that I had to deal with but it was all good. I chose a couple of specific places to do my intervals on, all had to have some kind of elevation to help prepare me for Flagstaff.

After doing three of my intervals I ended up on Raytown road where I decided that I would wait for my Dad who was motor pacing Kent and David aka #motordopers.

After a long and impatient wait I finally could see them coming up the false flat. In order to jump on I needed to get my speed up quickly so I gave I fast little jump and got on with them.

They were only planning on hitting the Longview hill one more time so I followed them on the back of the train.

After we got over the hill David gave me a good lead out, on his brand new smoking cool Cannondale Supersix Evo; to get me up to 40 mph and then I launched my sprint. I felt pretty good sprinting at 40 mph in fact I think its a lot better then sprinting at 25.

I’m pretty much planning on doing the Longview Circuit race this weekend (Saturday) that Kent is putting on, should be good fun for sure. If your interested facebook me or Kent and we can get you the details.