Home At Last

So it’s official, I am finally back in the United States!

After about five weeks of crappy internet, and amazing racing, I guess it is nice to be home.

I know that I had promised that I would keep everyone updated on my adventure over there, but due to the internet being crappy,it just didn’t work out like I had thought it would. So, I decided that I would take this time to explain what had happened and hope everyone understands.

Connor Brown

Connor Brown

This will be five part series and I will make todays part one.


This would be my first race in Europe and what better way to start it than with one of the most brutal races in Europe.

It was funny because guys who had done this race before me were laughing, because for my first race in Europe this would be crazy. Most of them hated it and told me that I would be in for a treat, great way to get my hopes up.

To no surprise, I found myself in the most intense crazy chaotic race that I have ever done. For starters, this race had like 250 riders in it and we were on the smallest roads I could have imagined, there were cobble sections that beat the crude out of you and they were very long, and last but not least each road race had about 66 turns in it, to make it even more interesting.

Avoiding A Crash

Avoiding A Crash

Turning in a peloton of crazed juniors on the smallest roads, makes for a crazy sketchy race. I couldn’t believe how willingly these guys were to sacrifice their own skin just to be in the front.

I mean you know it’s going to be a bad race when there is a bunch of crashes in the neutral start of the race. We aren’t even racing and people are already hitting the deck.

It was definitely an eye opener. However, it was a great experience to race on the cobbles, and for one they are brutal. After riding them you feel like you can ride over anything. Literally after a section of them and you hit the regular road, it feels as though you aren’t even on the pavement but sliding across ice.


Hell On Earth

It was just brutal, you look at the pros floating across them and you think it can’t be that bad. It really is that bad! Your hands feel as though they are being beaten to death by a baseball bat just trying to hold yourself up. The entire bike is shaking uncontrollably to the point where it feels as though you are in the end times.

All in all it was a crazy experience and now I know how the pros feel going over that crap. After that race my new motto for the rest of the trip was, “it can’t be as bad as Axel.”

Anyways, it is good to be back in America and I am going to pick back up the daily blogging so stay tuned for things to come.

Connor Brown