I Don’t Know If You Saw It But Worlds Was Definately Crazy Today

I got up early today so that I wouldn’t miss any of the action from Worlds and I was not disappointed.

The course itself was beautiful, very Italianesc; the roads were a bit wet from the rain earlier but that just made it even more exciting.

Worlds Peleton

There was a big tricky descent that was taken names left in right. One of the riders to go down was Nibali, a race favorite, he was on home soil so he had everything to lose. He eventually made his way back into the peloton, and a lap after that the fireworks started going. A group of five made its way off the front containing Uran Uran, Rodriguez, Costa, Nibali, and Valeverde.Worlds Podium

It was definitely the select group for the race.

Rodriguez was launching attacks left and right, the first one was being chased down by Uran and Nibali when on one of the descents Uran took a corner too wide and found himself flipping around in the dirt.
He would not see the lead group again.

This was an unfortunate event not only for Uran but for Nibali as well, due to the fact that since Valverde was the teammate of Rodriguez, and Costa was playing it smart, that meant that if Nibali wanted any hope of winning he would have to work to bring Rodriguez back.

For the first couple of times Nibali was able to reel him in but by the third time Rodriguez was left unaccounted for by Nibali.

Seeing this Costa seized the opportunity, not having to take pulls or go off attacks meant that Costa was the freshest of them all and while Rodriguez was dying out due to all of the attacking, Costa made his way onto his wheel and when it came time for the sprint Costa had it in the legs.

costa wins worlds

It was a phenomenal performance and very smart racing by Costa. He definitely earned his year in the rainbow stripes!

Connor Brown