I Have Been Trying Not To Go Here, But What The Heck

Do to the fact that I am spending more time at school and studying right now I don’t really have too much to report. I have been trying to keep politics off my blog for a bit but since I am in debate its going to be hard not to but I thought since I don’t really have too much to talk about I will just talk about economics this time.

My intention is not to bore anyone, or hurt anyone else’s feelings, but I am going to take a somewhat of a subjective viewpoint on this. If you think I am wrong feel free to message me and I would gladly talk to you, I need a warmup for congress any ways.

So the topic today that I am going to get into is Socialism vs the Free Market.socialism

Basically I would like to tell how the free market is supposed to work before I get into the clash.

It works like this, say you have a friend that needs his lawn mowed and you go and mow his lawn, thus helping your fellow man. In reward for you helping him he gives you twenty dollars to show that you helped benefit society.

So later that day you go to the store and you have a gallon of milk and some other things and you walk up to the cash register and the man says to you. I see that you would like to have some of the things that your fellow man spent hard labor over to produce, what have you done to help your fellow man. You then pull out the twenty dollars and say I helped mow my neighbors lawn, and this is the proof. He then gives you the groceries and you go home.

socialism awarenessThis is basically how the system works.

It does roll off the bases that you will have good morals and not corrupt the system, but its basically in order to get something from society you have to benefit society. It also really opens up the possibilities for innovation because in the free market you are rewarded for your success/innovations.

Which makes society even better because of the new innovations and constant competition. A good one liner would be to say that “When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.” -Paulo Coelho

Socialism on the other hand is more like, everyone has a job and has to do that job. No one can have more than the other, and every one earns the same thing and gets the same thing as everyone else.

Socialism contrary to popular belief actually promotes selfishness, and this is why, when people want to suck off the successfulness of other people and seek out the benefits from it than they are more worried about how they can drag that person down so that they can feel better about themselves.

The system is really plagued from the start because eventually you will run out of other peoples money. Kind of like a huge pyramid scheme or ponzi scheme.

Yeah you can argue equality and all but you have to ask yourself this question: Is it not the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting?

The truth is Socialism crushes your dreams. If you ever wanted to be successful in anything you do then socialism isn’t right for you because what it does is it takes away your success. Everyone would just live a regular average joe life.

But the idea of making it big drives everyone in the free market to do new and innovating things that benefit themselves and society. Which is why it is not a selfish system that the socialist make it out to be, because you are helping others by helping yourself. Were as Socialist just want to take from you to give to other people who don’t pull their own weight.

Thi is just a short synopsis, but hopefully it got you thinking on some of the things that are going on in these days of government, kind of like the taste we are getting with Obamacare and ect.

Connor Brown