TBC Time Trial!

So today was the TT and we decided that we would get prepared the night before by making a bunch of burritos for the trip. It really makes for a great team building exercises.20140313_201244

After that I hit the hay, so I would be ready to get up early, for the trip. Once the morning came around, everyone helped pack up the team bus and then we left for the race.

We arrived pretty early because we wanted to pre-ride the course once, that way we would be able to get a good gauge on how to plan our effort . Right away I knew this course was going to be really fast and that I would not need to get out of the aero bars at all for the ride.20140314_065456

Unfortunately the day wasn’t very lucky for me, we brought rear two disc wheels and I didn’t win the drawing (we drew straws for the disc) to use the disc in the race. Which kinda sucked, but at least it went to my teammates who put it to good work, on the other side of things it would have been nice to have used.

Overall the race was pretty tight due to how short the course was, but we had a guy finish fourth with a 7:28 time and then I came in next for our team with a time of 7:43 which put me at 16th place overall.Connor Brown 2014

The good news is that I am only 25 seconds down from the leader and my teammate is only ten seconds down. Which means that we are in pretty great striking distance for the GC and we have a hard road race tomorrow to lower that gap down.

Connor Brown

TT Work Today To Get Ready for Nationals

Since Nationals is just a week away for me now I really needed to practice my time trial position and because its a new bike and all there was a lot of things that I needed to get used to.

Connor Brown

There was an insane wind coming off the lake right here.

I did a short little warm up ride on my road bike to get myself started and I noticed that today was a really windy day. I thought to myself this will be interesting on the TT bike.

So once I got home and switched everything to the TT bike I was ready to go except for the fact that when I got about five miles down the road I noticed that we had forgotten to tighten the seat down so it was a bit loose and I had to wait for my Dad to drive back home with the motor scooter and then drive back to me with a multi tool.

After that little detour we headed back out to the lake. I could hear my Dad barely ranting on how professional the new bike position made me look, it was pretty hard to hear out of that aero helmet in general.

Once I hit Raytown Road I really started picking up speed, not even really trying.

It was insane, the effort that I was putting out on the TT bike would be the equivalent to my effort to go sixteen miles per hour on my road bike, yet I was doing twenty five not even trying and sometimes holding thirty miles per hour.

The bike was fast period, its just a rocket fast and aereo.

The best part was is that its a bit harder to turn the front fork and this is very beneficial on a day like today. Basically if a gust of wind hits your front wheel it doesn’t sweep your front fork to the left or right instead it keeps it steady, this helps because of the fact that you want to spend as much time in those aero bars as possible.

After the ride I headed over to Mi Ranchito for some grub with my parents.

However, the disappointing part of the day was after dinner I got my butt kicked by my Dad in some FIFA. It really was a sad moment in my life, he ended up beating me in two out of three games.

Tonight I’m actually going to try and fix my sleep schedule and hit the hay a bit early tonight.