Around My House We Bleed Cardinal Red

So I can’t deny that I am super pumped to see the Cardinals play for and possibly win another World Series.

Around my family we bleed Cardinal red and there’s nothing better than seeing the Birds play in the Series. I remember watching them in 2011 and in 2006 it was awesome.

I expect another great set of games!

Other than that I saw that the 2014 Tour De France route has been selected and the interesting thing is that they will start in England and then they will even have a stage on the cobbles in Belgium.

They also eliminated a lot of time trialing from the race, they have only one long one scheduled.tour de france preview

Its also going to have six mountain top finishes and boy are those the best stages to watch!

I have to wonder what they were thinking? It looks like another Froome win and they haven’t even started. Froome and the Sky train along with the time trials, which Froome dominated in, and through in a couple more climbs and its all over.

It will be interesting to watch especially since there is some young bloods, which would be Quintana and Costa and maybe just maybe we will have some fireworks to watch.



Connor Brown

I Wish All My Rest Days Had The Tour de France On: How About Pierre Rolland?

Well I was off today after an awesome and fun Tour of Lawrence and what better way to enjoy it the watching the Le Tour De France all day, which I might add has been crazy and very entertaining so far, and can only get better from here.

I think my favorite part so far is the KOM battles.Pierre Rolland

I love seeing guys scrap all day for those one or two points and then see Pierre Rolland come out for the only one that really matters and double his lead, awesome and funny!

Talk about a stud though, this is a true climber and a French hope for a tour contender. Lets not forget that he’s also quite the character as well. From attacking the peloton on the descent when they were waiting for Cadel last year, because Pierre will always go after the win, to making fun of Tommy Voeckler’s form in the drops by mocking him; quite comical if you ask me.

See its not always about the last ten kilometers that make the Tour the Tour, but every little detail of the race that makes it so spectacular. From beautiful scenery to epic duels and unforgettable battles, the Tour is something that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Now as for tomorrow… I will be practicing my TT to prepare me for Nationals. The time trial is very important to me because its a good way to get your name out there and to show people the kind of rider you are. They don’t call it the race of truth for nothing.