I Have A Warped Carbon Wheel Due To Overheating, Is That Normal?

Warped Carbon Wheel

I have this on both sides!

I am going to make this a bit short due to the amount of homework that I was bogged down with today; I am really just drained.

So lets get into this, I had a recovery ride for two hours today, on my ride I stopped by the shop and they looked at my Williams wheel and its pretty bubbled up/warped in the carbon so I am going to try and get through this season with them since this is my last weekend until next season.

What happened is I was descending Snow Bowl and my Carbon Wheel just overheated from the break pad. So much so that it warped the upper portion of the carbon near the tire. Its kind of weird and even stranger is the fact I wasn’t really riding my break when it overheated and blew my tire. The lucky part is I didn’t  wreck when it happened.

I think it was due to the new break pads Williams sent with my last order. I had just put on the Williams (light blue) pads and it was the first time I really used them for any kind of riding that would require using the breaks like I was doing.

The reason for the thought process is that I used these specific wheels with the Williams (black) pads descending a decent size mountain that was actually steeper than Snow Bowl and didn’t have any issues.

If anyone else has dealt with something similar to this leave me a comment below. I’m curious if its normal or if I should see if I could get a warranty on it?

Check out the chunks that came off the pads on that descent

Check out the wear/chunks that came off the pads on that descent

Anyway, I love my Williams wheels, I just don’t know if I shouldn’t have used them to descend on a mountain or if I just got a bad wheel?

After that I came back home for some really good and healthy fish tacos!

Fish TacosThen like I said I hit the books because my chemistry teacher thinks that high schoolers love chemistry so much that they want to do it all day.

Anyways, on the racing front I saw that Horner lost his leaders jersey due to a six second split in the field at the finish, man that sucks. That happend to me at Abitibi and I dropped like three places because of it.

You just got to be in the right position for the finish because guys get lazy and let gaps go because they have no real concern for GC and it can end up costing you big time.

Hopefully Horner gets it back, I’m rootin for ya Chris!

Connor Brown

Its Bike Cleaning Day; Oh Joy!

Well today is Monday and as always I have a recovery day today, which means no riding for me, but a lot of stretching. I’ve decided that I would start doing eight minutes of ab exercises each day now to help strengthen and keep the abs healthy. This will help in the long run plus I get to show off a six pack when I take my shirt off, always a plus, right?

After stretching I was reminded by my Dad that I needed to clean my bike. Which after last weekends five hour race in the rain my bike was begging me for a good cleaning. So for an hour I sat down and really got into the bike. Layer after layer of wiping the dirt and mud off I finally got the frame sparkling again. Once the frame was looking good it was time to get into the components. This is usually a pain due to the amount of grease remover needed and then having to apply oil back on to the components. Then with the components all cleaned up it was time to wipe down my Williams wheels. One of the best parts of cleaning your bike is to rub down an awesome set of carbon wheels.

Williams Wheels

So once the cleaning was done I headed over to Velonews to see what was up with the Giro. I wasn’t shocked to see that we had a new leader but when I saw that Luca Paolini was in the pink I was surprised. I didn’t expect to see someone other than Ryder or Wiggins to be in the pink after today. After reading the article, I had to give props to a great move that Luca did today. Now the only question remains, how long can Luca keep the pink jersey?

This weekend I will be racing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Tour De Grove. Its definitely going to be pretty awesome. So I can’t wait, plus I get to see all of my great family over there.